Involve to survive Innovate to thrive

Smiansh leverages on powerful AI to connect millions company data, providing you the intelligence to thrive in Southeast Asia..

Get better, stronger, faster data security and compliance leveraging A.I. Smiansh supercharges your organization helping you to comply with GDPR but not only.


What is Smiansh?

Smiansh is a Southeast Asia-focused intelligence platform powered by technologies and human experts.

We aggregate and connect millions of company data from the web, government agencies and crowd intelligence, helping you to methodologically discover, evaluate and engage your target companies.

Yes, there are other impressive tools available; But you’re missing out on the possibilities of the attractive Southeast Asia market, only because of huge information gaps. We fill those gaps.


Who Use Smiansh?

Sales & Marketing:

Discover new markets. Assess addressable opportunities and competitive landscape.

Corporate Planning & Strategy:

Discover new accounts that match your Ideal Customer Profile. Evaluate the quality of leads and obtain contact details for outreach.


Conduct background checks/due diligence to manage various risks associated with business counterparts.

Use Cases

Market sizing

Identify the size of your target markets by mapping market players using different segmentations such as industry, products/services, years of operation, growth, size.

Discover new prospects

Based on your ideal customer profiles, build a comprehensive list of target companies. Discover new prospects that you would have otherwise overlooked.

Company profiling

Research a company before you engage to determine fit. The intelligence empowers you to personalize outreach messages. Find out the target’s growth, financial stability, key events/news, competitors and technologies used.

Verified contacts

Obtain the contact details of decision makers by job title (CEO, Marketing Director, Head of Sales etc.), contact the right personnel to maximize response rate and conversion rate. Bulk export data to enrich your CRM solutions or to support marketing outreach campaigns

Know-your-vendor (KYV)

When you onboard the wrong vendors/suppliers you put your reputation at risk, especially for platform/market-place operators.

Competitive Benchmarking

Understand the size, performance and financial backing of your competitors for more effective strategies

Why Smiansh?

Geographical Focus:

In a market where everyone is obsessed with “disrupting the world”, we set our heart on serving Southeast Asia markets, enabling us to focus and deliver you data with great breadth, depth and most importantly relevance

Proprietary Data Sources:

Beyond millions of data available online, we tap on an exclusive network of government agencies and credit bureaus to get access to company statutory data such as financials, list of Directors, Shareholdings structure, enabling our users to perform accurate, in-depth screening and profiling.

Intelligence Data:

Is lack of data the real issue? Very often it is quite the opposite: information overload. We use advanced techniques to systematically aggregate, organise and cleanse the data. We take care of the noise so you can have ready-to-use intelligence at your fingertips.